Instrument scale-number guides


To use scale-number tabs or the nashville number system you need to be able to 'play in a key' -  which just means knowing the major or minor scale:


Guide sheet: Scale number tabs
Guide sheet: Nashville chord charts

Theory videos: Short introduction to using scale numbers.

App: Phone/tablet app based on scale-number theory
App primer: A primer for singers using the app
App guide: A guide showing app buttons and functions

Guitar melody:  3 octave scale pattern to get started:  Major scale   -   Minor scale
Guitar melody:  Full CAGED fretboard:  Major scale   -   Minor scale   (full set here)
Guitar chords: The open CAGED chords to get started
Guitar chords:  Major scale full chord sets:     C  A  G  E   D   (get the set here)
Guitar chords:  Minor scale full chord sets:  Am  F#m  Em   C#m   Bm      
Guitar chords:  Chords in all keys - transposition guide:  Major  -  Minor

Piano: Scales for melody:  C major and C minor
Piano: Example (used in app) chord voicings:  C major   -    A minor 
Piano: Scales in all keys transposition guide: Major and Minor
Piano: Chords in all keys transposition guide:  Major  -  Minor

Singing: Movable-Do solfège ladder:  Major  -  3octaves  -  maj+min
Playing in a key on uke: Worksheet
 Scales for melody:  Major examples  -  Minor examples
Cello: Scales for melody or bass notes: Major examples - Minor examples
Bass guitar:  Patterns for scales:  Major  -  Minor

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